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Welcome in JAG Transport & Logistic

Welcome to the JAG & Transport Logistic

We provide transportation and logistics services to Denamark, Sweden, Norway and Western Europe, includingabove all the transport package, providing individual deadlines for delivery and competitiveprices.

We enable companies its own fleet of vehicles comfortable and safetransportation of all kinds of goods, and most importantly, a considerable saving of time and financial resources.

Logistics outsourcing is the best solution for companies seeking support for logistics and transport at the highest level without having to invest in its own fleet.


Get tangible benefits :


  • the speed and safety of execution thanks to moder fleet, high standards and competenceteam,
  • individual delivery of goods and transport route to client expectations,
  • monitoring themovement of consignments of using GPS and the current information on the place ofresidence,
  • the availability stock/terminals  24hours in 7 days,
  • competitive prices,
  • high insurance charges ,
  • advice, choice of vehicle and transport routes planning.



JAG & Transport Logistic is a proven, reliable and modern logistics operator.

We invite You to cooperation !




Recovered transport to Denamrk by ferry. Convenient and attractive conditions for the implementation of the order.


Professional transport to Sweden in cooperation with shipowners and the Unity Line Ferriesruns smoothly. The choice of suitable for the client deadlines.


Efficient transport in particular to countries such as: Germany, Spain and Benelux.


Transport serices to cities in Norway ( Oslo and Trondheim). The highest quality of service and value for money.


  • Ina consignment service to Sweden and Norway - STAVANGER, STOCKHOLM, OSLO, TORNDHEIM
  • even in the 72h
  • dispatch 6 times each week


Warehouse and Terminals are open on Saturady and Sunday 24hours a day.




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